Drawing, Pencil, 2016

This piece is two of my own characters snuggling together. Kitty and Deelena are their names. Kitty is a cat girl species name Cattus. Deelena is a deer girl species name Deerling. Deelena came about first she was in my Windoworld piece that is where she was borne and she developed along with Deelena shortly after that. Kitty was my attempt to give Deelena a friend, but as soon as I drew them together it became more, these two are girlfriend and girlfriend. Deelena is missing an eye and can’t see well while Kitty is def and uses Deelena as her ears. This is why they work so well together. They both usually speak in sign language to each other unless someone else is present, then Deelena is the translator for Kitty.

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